Monday, January 18, 2010

This is to ask you about your courage in other fields too. PLS READ AND REPLY ASAP IF YOU HAVE THE GUTS THEN ANS THIS. HOWEVER, OTHERS CAN ALSO ANS!!!

Sanal Edamaruku, this is mainly for you. However, others are also free to reply to this blog.

Excuse me sir,
I would like to ask you five questions:
Firstly, you south Indians are too hyper on just one field. When it comes to what superstitious or not then you only show your daring, excitement and manhood towards those religion but do you have the courage to challenge those theories in science which have are not proven and have been accepted as postulates?I repeat....DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO CHALLENGE THOSE THEORIES AND FORMULAE IN SCIENCE WHICH ARE NOT PROVEN BUT HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED AS POSTULATES? ANSWER THIS IF U HAVE THE GUTS!!!!!!For e.g. uniform circular motion, elastic force, kinetic friction and some of Newton and Einstein's theories have not been proved and there is not a single evidence for them. However, they have been added in science books with great respect. On the contary, theories like rebirth still have some observation evidences but still have not been accepted in the scientific field. So, why don't you south Indians show manhood, courage, heroism, adventurous attitude and excitement in those Newton, Einstein and other scientific theories which do not have a single evidence but still have been accepted as postulates in the scientific fields? DO YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO THAT? WHY SINGLE OUT SUCH OBVIOUS AND WEAK CASES LIKE REBIRTH ETC.? FOOLISH SOUTH INDIAN COWARDS!

Secondly, you are completely, practical. Hence, I would like to ask you one thing. In one interview (in television channel) one of your south Indian guy probably said that Sathya Sai Baba transferred some watches from switzerland to a book without physically moving them. He said that this is "scientifically impossible". It may be quite true that Sathya Sai Baba did a trick but to say that it is "scientifically impossible" to transpose one thing to another without physically moving it really caught my attention. I would like to know from you once again that is it true that such transporting of a object is scientifically not possible? Pls do reply if you really have guts.Thirdly, if there is less evidences or no evidences of rebirth etc. does happen then I suppose that you also do not have enough evidences or no evidences that rebirth etc. does not happen. What have you got to say about this?

Fourthly, there are many things which happen in this world by people which are not superstitious but are irrational. For e.g. a man may give some heavy amount to a departmental store without even checking that the product or service which he is getting from that store is worth that amount or not. Another e.g. is that the people give taxes to the government irrationally without bothering that what the government does for them. On the contary people working more are earning very less than them. Many government rules have been laid down without giving any reason. Also, many textbooks and books have also been written without applying any rational approach i.e. things have been explained with refernece to what the reader does not know that too. For e.g. if you arrive at the railway station in Delhi and ask where is India Gate as you are new to Delhi and know nothing about it, the person whom ask gives a reply that it is infront of Rashtrapati Bhawan. However, you do not know that where is Rastrapati Bhawan either. Instead he should have told with that context that go from HERE to left and then right and so on because HERE is what you presently know. The same happens with books. You ask that what is surface tension and they tell you that it happens with cohesion. However, you do not know what is cohesion either. If they however tell you that cohesion is attraction of like molecules to like molecules then you would not understand that what is attraction of like molecules to like molecules. Also, there are on many ocassions very less information given that a different meaning may be derived by the statement, for e.g. they may tell you to go left and you may goto your left rather than his what he really meant. Same is with books. They are edited in such manner with incomplete information that a different meaning is derived. For e.g. in Class 12 physics (Chapter Electric Forces pages 17 and 18 or so and e.g. 1.7) of NCERT many steps are missing while explaining the force on equilateral triangle. They did not mention that you have to do it with vector algebra also when vector algebra was nowhere mentioned before. So, it was quite rational that they should have explained it step by step but they haven't.
The biggest example of irrationalism is that the Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE) does not give back the photocopy of the answer scripts till today when so much technological development has taken place even in colour videography. Candidates tend to loose marks due to the irrational behavior of the evaluators and on the other hand are expected to score more than 80 to 90 percent in their papers. All other western countries as far as I know have the right to ask for photocopies of their answer scripts.
So, why don't you go and challenge these irrational acts first?

Fifthly and lastly, if you claim to be so intelligent, then why don't you use it for yourself and become rich?

If you really have guts and you act with reason then you would reply back else like foolish coward you would prove yourself to be one and also for the remaining south Indians.Thank you.I hope that you would reply ASAP. My e-mail is in your reply button but if you are not able to read then here are my e-mail addresses,
You can reply here also in this blog.

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