Friday, January 29, 2010

Am I overqualified for this Job? PLS REPLY ASAP!!!

Am I overqualified for this Job? PLS REPLY ASAP!!!
I get about Rs. 7,500/- per month. My duties are:
1.) To come at 9:00 am in the morning, on some days 8:30 am and open the system and a window to enter the username and password which will record my attendance.
2.) If I reach early, then I goto MS-Excel and refresh the data by entering a password. Then I print lists of several bills. They are usually 8-10 lists. Otherwise, this is done by someone else.
3.) I then open another window, click each transaction and then see a sheet scanned in that transaction which will have reference number and a customer name which if matched then should be printed. In the list I should cancel the transaction number if printed and if there is a mismatch then write the mismatch. They are on a average 100 sheets everyday.
4.) Next task is to again goto MS-Excel if I have gone before in the morning also and refresh the data again. Then print 3 lists more after deleting the transactions from a specific customer.
5.) Then go back to the window again and print all those transactions by giving a single command. These are also 100 sheets on a average everyday.
6.) After this, I receive some bills and prepare there checklist. I even scan some of them. The checklist preparation is like counting number of invoices, SDF forms etc. out of on a average 50 pages in one bill.
7.) Scanning those bills is done by first recording the transaction with it's customer name and amount and writing the reference number on the checklist.
8.) Then I have to take out all the staples and check weather there is anything printed on the back side or not. If yes then I have to print the back side also. Some part of the bill is saved in general folder while others have to be scanned in another folder. Some papers are such that the automatic roller does not accept them and I have to physically push them. If the papers tear while going under the scanner then I have to join them back.
9.) After that, if the bill has to be dispatched, then I have to do it before 3:30 pm and even add another page by checking which page has to be added.
10.) After finishing all this, I have to transmit the scanned papers and staple the bill after putting scanned stamp on it.
11.) There are total about 100-150 bills everyday with 50 pages each on an average. I may prepare checklist or scan about 100 bills everyday.
12.) Prepare some documents to be sent to branch for a specific customer by sorting it out from the morning pages which I printed. They are usually on an average 50 such customer sheets everday by recording it on a form which will returned later on signed by the branch. The copy of it will be placed in our office file for records. (I forgot to mention it in my previous point).
13.) If any such form returns signed, (including others forms) then it has to be filed at the end of the day or when I am free in a particular format after checking that it has been signed or not otherwise it has to be sent again.
14.) The lists which I printed should also be signed and filed in a particular format.
15.) Scan the lists which I printed in the morning and staple them in a particular order after printing them. After that, I have to get them signed.
16.) There are about 20-30 such lists which have to be filed everyday.
17.) Enter your tasks which you have done the entire day on the same software which you recorded your attendance. Then I have shut the PC and the screen.
The entire day's task ends at around 6:30 pm usually but may go in slightly below average till 7:00 pm or 7:30 pm or even 8:00-900 pm.

A person who is supposed to serve in pantry and do odd small tasks gets about Rs. 5000/- per month and the other blue collar people get about Rs. 5000-7000/- per month and incentives. The blue collar guys also have the tasks like printing and their duties are over normally at 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm. At best, their duties are over at 6:00 pm. If they are held back then they get amount for overtime also.So do you seriously think that I am overqualified for this type of job? Pls do reply if you can giving your reasons.

I have to come on Saturdays also which is a half-day for us but from 9:00 am I have to be there till 2:30 pm or till 3:00 pm. On some days it even goes till 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm. I have done (pass) and few computer DOEACC computer courses till A level. which is equivilant to BCA. I have a considerably good command over spoken and written English.On the other hand, the blue collar guys whom I mentioned before (who are getting Rs. 5000-7000 etc.) are undergraduates and still pursuing graduation. So, pls reply ASAP that weather the person who has decided a scale of Rs. 7,500 for me has done it reasonably or not. Also, pls note that Rs. 7,500 which I get every month includes everything i.e. PF, DA, travel allowance etc. My basic or gross income is Rs. 4000/-. Is the person or the management who has decided this scale has done it rationally or not? PLS DO REPLY ASAP AND FOR SURE IF YOU CAN!IF YOU WANT ANY MORE DETAILS REGARDING THIS THEN I WILL GLAD TO PROVIDE YOU. PLS DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK FOR IT! Actually, there has been a dispute that weather they give me overamount or not so I adviced that we should ask the rational people like you all.

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